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Where to start? So much goes on in our lives it is hard to pinpoint what to share. Let’s start with his birthday.



Xander had his 3 year birthday party yesterday. He had such a great time. He had been looking forward to his birthday for months and we had been discussing party themes. He finally settled on CAT Truck as the theme. He first was introduced to the CAT trucks when we renovated our backyard last spring, right before his 2nd birthday. We hired a guy to dig up our yard and tier it to two levels. He had a CAT brand truck. It was very loud, so I told Xander it was a dragon! He watched it and within a few seconds told me I was wrong that it was a cat. We were confused at his assessment until we realized what he saw. He had read the word CAT on the back of the truck. From then on he was thrilled everytime he saw one of these vehicles with the word CAT on them. He told us stories of what they were digging for, more often than not dinosaur bones. So when he finally chose this as his theme, we were thrilled since it really was something we could have fun with at the party and knew he would really enjoy it.



We had the kids dig in the sand for dinosaur bones and buried treasure. They also got to paint a play house. We had sandwich trays for everyone to construct their own sandwich, as well as paint brush rice krispy treats. The cake balls were a huge hit as was his birthday cake of CAT trucks digging for dinosaur bones in the cake.  Even though it was a bit on the warm side weather wise I think everyone had a great time. We made sure all the kids left with trucks, hard hats, work aprons, and an array of fun things to play with.

Xander was completely inundated with  wonderful presents. He will be enjoying all the wonderful things everyone got him for a long time, thank you! He has been playing with everything all day today.
The last few months we did some school with Xander. We have a letter and number of the week. he earns stickers for each thing we complete that day. He has a sticker book that he puts his earned stickers in and shows his weekly progress. He is working on learning the location of the states as well as being able to count and recognize letters and numbers. We do letter sounds and try our hand at making words with them.  I recently built him a “Market Center” as he was showing interest in buying things and how money works. So now we have a station to imitate those things and put him in the right environment for that type if play learning. He even received a cash register for his birthday so we can now official open the market! He knows and picks up so much of these things that sometimes it is hard to remember how young he is. he still fights me on writing and drawing. The other kids all took to drawing so quickly, but he just doesn’t want to do it, because he wants it to be correct the first time. We are working on it though! His math has been picking up and he is getting better at it, thanks in part to Team Umi Zoomi tv show. He really started getting it after watching that show for a while. It is crazy what it takes to make it finally click sometimes.


His gaming is continuing daily.  he is using a laptop hooked up to keyboard, mouse, and monitor at this time, until we can get him a real rig made. He loves to play Minecraft and Quakelive on it. It can’t run Skyrim unfortunately. He also plays some learning games as well, but for the most part it is his leisure activity time on the computer.

Since Lexi is growing up so much, now walking, they have started to play so much more together. Xander has been great at keeping her happy and trying to include her in his play when she is interested.  They are still super cute and hold hands together in the car and like to snuggle each other’s feet, weird, but cute.


He loves playing the dogs. He likes to have outside time with them daily and play in the water table or sand box  while there. He likes playing with blocks inside, building structures, and of course, knocking them down. He is doing a lot of pretend play with some build a bear animals lately as well.

We have been trying to push the potty training with little to no success. He knows what to do and when to do, just not interested at all in doing it. It will come in time I am sure. Just wish it was sooner than later.

Well that is all I can think of for this update. Now I am going to go hug my ever growing youngest boy, and play with some CAT trucks with him, or whatever else he wants to do. Til next update o/

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I intended on a two and a half update. I really regret not getting it done. However, as the saying goes, better late than never.

The above was taken yesterday on New Years day. This little guy is amazing. We are still constantly amazed at everything he does.

I had wonderful intentions on starting him a school type of schedule, but with a newborn and the older two home schooled, that did not pan out so well. I think now that Lexi is getting bigger we can work that into our routine, at least a few times a week. We do things like make some crafts, play games, read books, and imaginative play together. I just haven’t done the structured learning nearly as much as I wanted to.  He has still learned all sorts of things and is of course progressing wonderfully at the basics he needs to know, I just think if he is given the knowledge and tools, he would learn so much more quickly. Either way he is a smarty pants.

(Xander at 2.5)

He is our little mini nerd. He loves to play video games and watches us play as well. He loves to play Skyrim the most right now. It is amazing the dexterity this kid has. He can control the character and interact with the world. He does have some learning to do though on what exactly he should do. For now he goes around shouting and shooting arrows. We let the older two kids play games like this at their age as well. They never got as into it then as Xander does.

It came to a point today that he broke down crying about an identity crisis after putting a helmet on his character. We had to have a long talk about who he is and that his character is pretend and how to separate the worlds. We saw this change when he refused to wear the viking helmet he asked for Christmas for so long. He said he wanted to be Xander not a viking. I am not sure what triggered it, but he won’t even dress up now, whereas he lived in the dragon costumes for a month last summer. So we are dealing with the perception of pretend and what that means. I think his imagination is so strong he loses himself in the play.

I still update his quotes quite often. Not as much as I could, but some of them are you had to be there moments, and others I am just not remembering to get then written down before I lost them.

For Christmas he asked for a viking helmet and Toothless the dragon. He loves the “How to Train a Dragon” movie and watches it very often. Probably too often. So I bought a pattern off of etsy for this stuffed Toothless the dragon toy. I had made a few hats and thought perhaps I could do this. I tried, a lot, and finally asked a friend for help. She was overloaded and ended up not able to do it either and instead sent him a toothless hat. I did finally end up getting the dragon made. It looks like I made it for sure, lol. I say it is made with love and you can tell. My sister, Mikal, helped me finish it out and get the wings done for it right before Christmas. He loved it all.

He also asked for a hamster. He sorta saw it in the pet store and then asked for it a few days prior to leaving for Christmas in Oklahoma. We thought on it one night and decided he could have it. So there is how we added a hamster named Petey to the mix. He is a cute little guy that Xander just adores. He greets him in the morning and checks on his food and water. In the evening he gives him a treat and sometimes gets to pet him too.  Petey seems to like the arrangement so far. It is crazy how many cool items they have for hamsters nowadays. I can’t wait to get a few fun toys for him to play with.

That is the new smile and say cheese pose. Closing the eyes. *Sigh*

He also asked for an ipod. He got to use his brother and sister’s ipod every now and again and thought he should have one. Considering all the fun apps that are age appropriate out there plus the video and music capabilities we thought this wasn’t too bad of any idea. It just happens Andrew asked for an upgraded ipod for Christmas, so Xander got his old one.  So he got just what he asked for and a little more.

We tried the whole visit Santa thing, simply because Xander asked “Who is this Santa guy anyway?” So we stood in line the last weekend before Christmas and took him to a mall Santa. He was excited all before and in line. Then as we entered the room where Santa was he froze and would not even look at him. We tried a few things and just decided to let it go. No sooner did we leave the booth, than Xander snaps out of it and asks to see Santa. We just laughed. We never push the whole Santa thing anyway, but thought it is good to let him explore with the idea if he wants to.

In October, Xander went camping at my parents farm. He really enjoyed the free open places, as did our dogs. We had a crazy adventure with a storm in the middle of the night, but we survived and he still had a positive outlook of camping.

The dogs and Xander are the best of pals. I LOVE having the two border collies with him. They are so good with him and he absolutely loves playing with them. It is something he looks forward to doing daily. He throws the ball for them and when in the backyard shares his slide with them. They put up with him trying to ride them and pulling on them and whatever else he decides to do, they take it and seem to enjoy it.

For Halloween he decided to be a dragon. We just used the costume he has been dressing up in all summer since he loved it so. It had been Andrew’s when he was 4. I think there was a whole week he wore this costume with little breaks in between. Baths, diapers, change clothes for the day, and that was about it. We had to go out shopping and such with his in costume. It was very cute and the phase left us as fast as it came. He barely wears it now, but it was a great couple months that he did it. I really enjoyed it anyway.

That is it I think. I know there is more, but that is all I can think to add on here for now. I will be sure to not let so much time pass before the next update. He does way too much for that to happen!

It will continue to be a crazy awesome adventure with this little guy and we will love the ride. I can’t wait to see what he does next.